Jun Lozada Multiplies


“Ako din ay Lozada!”

29 February 2008


Wearing the face of Jun Lozada, Akbayan Youth joins the youth and students march to the interfaith rally in Makati. “Ako din ay Lozada,” says the posters carried by marchers.


“The youth wants to tell Mr. Lozada that he is not alone in this battle for truth,” Machris Cabreros, Akbayan Youth Chair, explains why they are wearing Jun Lozada masks. “We call for the ouster of Gloria Arroyo. But it is not only change in faces that we want, we want system change,” she adds.


For a starter, E.O. 464 should be scrapped as it is used to repress truth, laments the group. Strategic reforms in elections, equitable distribution of resources, transparent accounting of public spending and loans, and greater provisions for social services like education are identified by the Akbayan Youth as critical in the process of system change.


Akbayan Youth, along with TEAM RP, calls on their fellow youth to be bearers of hope and crusaders for truth. They call on their fellow youth to remain vigilant and to rise above the moral bankruptcy and truth crisis in the country. “We, the youth, should take the lead in the search for credible, accountable, and incorruptible leaders,” says student leader Bianca Lapuz, Secretary General of Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP)


Akbayan Youth, TEAM RP, students from Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) schools, Ateneo De Manila University and University of the Philippines- Diliman march from Don Bosco Makati to join the Interfaith Rally.


Students from Philippine School of Business Administration (PSBA), Philippine Normal University (PNU), Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), and University of Makati (UMak), among others, also take part in the youth march.




Contact: Angie Tan, Akbayan Youth Secretary General @ 09205402785; 09166563640


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