Defend the People Power Constitution

Statement on HoR ConAss:

June 3, 2009

Akbayan! Youth: Defend the People Power Constitution!

The 1987 Constitution is also called the People Power Constitution, we youth and students are taught in schools.

It is called so to let us, the youth and students, appreciate the milieu where which the said constitution was born. It was born of a revolution. It was born of the collective Filipino people putting an end to the tyranny of Marcos, the repression and suppression of Martial Law.  It is a constitution that says never again: Never again to dictatorship! Never again to martial law!

It might not be perfect but the 1987 Constitution is a testament of the long struggle of Filipinos for democracy. The People Power Constitution is a collective expression of the dreams, ideals, and aspiration of the Filipino people.

It is this Constitution that the shameful and shameless members of the majority in the House of Representatives (HoR) threaten to rape and bastardize, in a quickie 40- minutes to midnight of June 2, 2009.

We, in Akbayan! Youth, are one with the minority in HoR and the mass of Filipino people in standing guard and defending the People Power Constitution!

We, in Akbayan! Youth, call on our fellow youth and students to take on the cudgels in ensuring: Never Again to a Marcos or worse! Never Again to a GMA! Never Again GMA pig-heads in Congress!



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