Letter from Risa: Moving On

Tuloy ang Magandang Laban sa 2013! -jah bringas

Dear friends,

Last Friday afternoon, Senator Kiko Pangilinan texted me, “Hi risa! My apologies re our senate reso. SP (Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile) and (Senate Majority Floorleader Migz) Zubiri said due to lack of material time only 3rd reading bills w/o debates wud be tackled in the last day. So sorry abt this.”

Sen. Kiko had filed that resolution two Tuesdays ago expressing the sense of the Senate that the 13th placer be proclaimed to serve the remaining three years of Senator Noy’s term once he is proclaimed President. Some of you even went to the Senate sessions last Monday and on Friday to show support for the resolution. Maraming salamat! On Thursday during the canvassing, asked Sen. Zubiri if the resolution would be calendared for deliberation. He said, “I can ask my staff about that; we can deliberate it tomorrow.” But Perci Cendana, my campaign manager, found out on Friday, that the resolution had apparently been archived last Monday yet. So the Senate adjourned without deliberating it.

By now you’ve seen the photos of Akbayan’s happy victory party last night: (“,) celebrating the election of President Noy, the more than 1 million votes for Akbayan, the 1/3 of Akbayan members and allies who won in the local governments, the more than 9 million votes for our Magandang Laban. Breaking bread together, speeches – including by Pres. Noy! – music, dancing, much laughter and no more tears.

Mula sa kaibuturan ng aking puso, marami pong salamat sa inyong lahat! A good fight, a grand adventure, comrades-in-arms and fellow travellers like you – who could ask for more? If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, would do it all over again to experience once more this once-in-a-lifetime campaign.

But we don’t go back in time; we move forward. So, relishing our sweet victories and healing our heartaches, we apply ourselves to the even more difficult challenges we have shaped for our nation. Let us throw our more than 9 million selves, with all our hopes, into the work for change in the next six years. Count on the more than 1 million who voted Akbayan back into the House of Representatives to be among us. Together with the millions who voted for Pres. Noy, let us as citizens actively enable him and our reform executives in the local governments to make a break from the past and build a cleaner government, a society with more equal opportunity for all.

Tuloy ang ating Magandang Laban – for our loved ones and all fellow Filipinos, as children of Inangbayan, Inang Kalikasan and God/ the Goddess. Ingat at kita tayo!



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