Fraternities to light candle for La Salle blast victims

MANILA, Philippines – Saying real fraternities shun violence, members of different fraternities will gather Friday night in Quezon City in a candle-lighting event to seek justice for the victims of the bombing near De La Salle University at the last day of the bar examinations over the weekend.

At 6 p.m. at the Boy Scouts Circle, members of the Scouts Royale Brotherhood, Tau Gamma Phi-Quezon City, Delta Sigma Xi, Sigma Epsilon Phi, Alpha Phi Omega and Beta Sigma fraternities will observe a moment of silence and offer flowers for the blast victims and show their solidarity to one another.

“We, legitimate fraternities based in major universities and colleges as well as communities nationwide, joins the Filipino nation in condemning in the strongest possible terms the brutal act of indiscriminate violence, which occurred during street revelry along Taft Avenue marking the end of this year’s bar examinations at the De La Salle University. We denounce this gross display of brutality, which caused severe injury to innocent people and damage to property,” the groups said in a statement.

They also called on the persons responsible for the blast to surrender to authorities, and for those who have information vital to investigation to “rise above their loyalties to their respective fraternities and serve the higher purpose of helping dispense justice.”

In a separate statement, the Akbayan youth group condemned the incident and called on all fraternities to shun violence.

Marlon Cornelio, Akbayan Youth chairperson, said that hazing and violent fraternity wars are the result of a dominant subculture prevalent in many fraternities.

“Unless this is confronted and addressed in a purposive way, the deadly cycle will continue. In the immediate, we challenge all genuine fraternities to make accountable all their erring brethren who were involved in cases of fraternity-related violence,” he said.

Cornelio also challenged school authorities, student organizations and the government to engage legitimate fraternities with the end view of reforming them.

“One of the best ways to do this is to bring them to legitimacy. Together with the deep involvement of schools, progressive student organizations and the government, they will be guided by the rule of law. The tendency to become violent will be lessened and their involvement in society greatly improved,” he added.


2 thoughts on “Fraternities to light candle for La Salle blast victims

  1. ano po ba ang analysis ng akbayan youth sa education system at ano ang inyong platform para mareporma ang kasalukuyang problema sa edukasyon.

    salamat po.

    • Hello!

      As for your queries re Akbayan Youth’s analysis and stand on the Philippine Education System, our position is firm that the education system must be changed radically. Coupled with enormous problems and crisis, the education system remains maldeveloped and has not serve for its real purpose. The education system should be reformed, from being an elitist, commercialized, market-driven and undemocratic to becoming a liberative one. There should be a quality education that is accessible to all, meaning it should be for free and should be enjoyed by every citizen without exclusivity and that education should be an imperative tool for social transformation and people’s empowerment.

      We may give you a copy of our Education Platform if you want.

      Salamat! 🙂

      For liberative and empowered education,
      Akbayan Youth National Secretariat

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