Why I Voted for Impeachment

Monday, March 22, 2011


by Walden Bello, Representative of Akbayan, 15th Congress


Public trust is a very precious thing. When one enjoys it, she is truly a public servant. But when one loses it, then she no longer deserves to remain in public office. She has to resign and if, out of lack of delicadeza she refuses to do so, it is the duty of the representatives of the people to remove her.


Through her defiant and arrogant refusal to act on one major case of corruption after another, Merceditas Navarro- Gutierrez has only herself to blame for losing the trust of the Filipino people. Indeed she lost the public trust long before this historic evening.


Tonight the eyes of the people were upon their elected representatives.  They  asked us: will you take the side of one who has betrayed the public trust or will you take the side of the people?


Tonight we fulfilled our contract with the Filipino People. If there is a winner tonight it is this precious thing called democracy.



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