Akbayan Youth is one with the World in strongly condemning the cowardly and barbaric act committed against the innocent civilians in Oslo and in Utoeya Island. Today is a black day for Filipinos as well. The recent bombing in Oslo and massacre in Utoeya exposes the reality that terrorism exists in all colors and stripes. Reports by media have placed the casualties at around 87 dead and many more injured.

Most of the casualties in Utoeya shooting were fellow youth progressives. Many of them were enjoying their summer camp enjoying the company of friends unaware that it would end in tragedy. As for the victims in the Oslo bombings, many were office workers or staff of the government offices.

We cannot help but suspect that both attacks were concerted and deliberately targeting people for their political affiliation. Nonetheless, regardless of the race, gender or affiliation of the victims, it is clear that this was an act of terror, plain and simple.

We express our condolences to the families of the victims and hope for the immediate arrest of all the perpetrators. We understand that the Norwegian government is doing its best to swiftly bring those involved to justice.

We also call on all progressive youth around the world to stand with our AUF and Norwegian brothers and sisters and be vigilant and stand in defiance against all forms of terror whether perpetrated by lone gunmen, religious militants, or even by state and non-state actors. We can effectively prevent atrocities like these through persistent and uncompromising efforts to push for peace, dialogue and rule of law.

We are all AUF Activists and Norwegians today. Justice for all victims of fascist terror!

In Solidarity,

Akbayan Youth



  1. “EVERY RAPE in Oslo, Norway in Past 5 Years Was By Non-Western Foreigner”.

    Would that have been a reason for the protest against unwanted racial swamping by blacks, and Philipinos / other asian colonists?

  2. MANILA Philippines – A youth organization yesterday appealed to groups distributing relief goods to use paper bags instead of plastic bags and styrofoam because these containers would only worsen the garbage situation in flooded areas…The idea here is to mitigate the impact of the destruction brought by the flooding on the victims and at the same time reduce the impact on the environment said Pau Duman of Akbayan Youth…Akbayan Youth packs relief goods using paper bags and they only use plastic in wrapping the rice to make sure it will not be soaked in submerged areas…At the moment the garbage situation in most affected areas is dire and using non-biodegradable materials will only worsen the situation he said…Akbayan Youth is also asking for paper bag donations to hasten the shift from plastic to paper in relief operation centers…In a related development Mayor Domingo Doctor Junior of Burgos Pangasinan is implementing an anti-plastic ordinance in his area and is encouraging fellow mayors to do the same…Look what we saw during the flooding plastic bags and similar materials hanging in the trees or telephone lines while canals were severely clogged because of it he said in a media forum in Dagupan City yesterday…

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