Akbayan Youth Solidarity Message to Fatah Youth Movement of Palestine

Dear Comrades from the Fatah Youth Movement,


Akbayan Youth extends its support to the Fatah Youth Movement as you call for an independent Palestinian state recognized by the United Nations. In the spirit of international solidarity, we strongly condemn the violent incursions of the state of Israel, which has consistently acted as a colonial apartheid state. Akbayan Youth believes that the cause of Palestinian freedom is one of the greatest progressive struggles of this generation. We sympathize with all the victims of Israeli state terror, and we believe it is incumbent upon all progressives to recognize their suffering.

Your call for statehood comes as the suffering of Palestinians become more difficult to deny. Those who refuse to acknowledge the injustice of the Gaza occupation and the unlawful expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank are burying their heads in the sand. The state of Israel, by delaying the peace process, has given the Palestinian people no other option other than to ask for international recognition. Legal recognition of an independent Palestinian state is a recognition of your sovereign right as a people to be free from foreign incursions.

We categorically condemn the United States of America’s continued military and diplomatic assistance to the state of Israel. If genuine peace in the Middle East is to be achieved, the US needs to hold Israel accountable for its acts of violence. We are also saddened that US President Obama has refused to support your legitimate call for UN recognition.

Akbayan Youth commits itself to the global BDS campaign and to other forms of peaceful popular struggle. If there is anything else we can do to support the cause of Palestinian freedom, please inform us immediately. Perhaps, one day, we can meet to talk about our common struggles.

Finally, we would like to express our deep admiration for the Fatah Youth Movement. Your struggle for freedom and justice continues to serve as an inspiration for the our activists. The Philippines may not be under the occupation of a colonial state, but the poverty that envelopes our society and the violence we experience under elite rule, at times, mirrors the injustices occurring in the Occupied Territories.

Your comrades in the Philippines shout clearly and categorically: FREE FREE PALESTINE!


In Solidarity,

Akbayan Youth


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