Young people deserve an impartial Court for the future

Akbayan Youth statement on Impeachment of CJ Corona

We in Akbayan Youth remember that before Mrs. Arroyo stepped down, she stole the opportunity of an incoming President to appoint the next Chief Justice.

We submit that it was Mrs. Arroyo who politicized the Supreme Court by making many midnight appointments and it cannot be denied that Chief Justice Corona’s was the most questionable.

We believe that Corona’s impeachment due to legal grounds mentioned in the Articles of Impeachment is a regular constitutional process.

We denounce the Chief Justice’s statement that his impeachment is an effort of the current administration to encroach on the supposedly independent court. We find the allegation saying Corona’s impeachment is a threat to the country’s democracy, absurd and baseless.

We condemn the statement of CoronArroyo allies who wish to distort facts and mislead people by saying that the country is having a constitutional crisis.

We recognize that the bold move of the Congress to impeach Corona is a political decision that most young people have deemed necessary; rectify a grave mistake. It is not a move against the Supreme Court as what Corona is trying to emphasize. But rather an act that tries to save a Court that has long been compromised since the questionable appointment of a Chief that lacks decency and probity.

We elucidate that along with our strong position for the removal of Chief Justice Corona in the Supreme Court, we also stand for the restoration of integrity in the supposedly august halls of the Supreme Court.

We deserve an impartial High Court that values with great primacy the virtue of honesty and integrity in performing its function as an institution that interprets law and dispenses justice.

We assert that it is the High Court’s responsibility to maintain the people’s trust and confidence to the institution. We affirm that, in the quest for the dispense of genuine justice for the people, a better Supreme Court with an impartial chief is needed.

We promise to remain vigilant and watchful especially in these troubled times where the institution that is expected to dispense justice is at risk.

We stand to reclaim the kind of judiciary that the Filipino people deserve. A court that is impartial, accountable and decent.##


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