Happening now is the General Assembly of Student Councils (GASC) in CFOS-AVR of University of the Philippines Visayas – Miagao Campus. To provide students with access to information regarding the deliberations, a number of political parties post updates once in a while through online media such as Facebook and Twitter. These were then criticized to be ‘partisan’ and disruptive to the proceedings. Consequently, Student Council representatives have been disallowed to use neither mobile phones nor laptops during the GASC deliberations.

What is wrong with updating your constituents? Are you that afraid of letting people know how you conduct yourselves inside the GASC deliberations? GASC updates are done for transparency andaccountability purposes. We have elected all of you to be our representatives and have given you power to take part in every decision making process affecting our welfare as students of this university. For this reason, it is sensible for every Iskolar ng Bayan to monitor how you all conduct yourselves in occasions like this. If you decide to keep us ignorant of the things taking place, that is disservice to the students that you have to represent.

The GASC is nothing but like a Philippine Congress. Here you see people who are fearful and anxious of giving people the freedom to information. Here you see a bunch of hypocrites talking about democracy. Goodness, you all Stop Doing Lip Service. Where is democracy if you disallow people of their right to speech? Where is democracy if you prohibit people from knowing things they ought to know? Do you even really understand the word democracy?

End this Censorship for it causes blindness. Upload Transparency and Accountability in GASC.#


(reposted from Justin Ryan Duque Morilla)


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