Akbayan! Youth, a progressive youth formation that believes in the advancement of justice and the rule of law, supports the impeachment process against Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Renato Corona.

Corona’s flagrant violations of the law and the constitution send the wrong message to the Filipino youth that crime doesn’t pay. His loyal service to former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo marked by bending the law to favor her and her ilk sends the wrong message that political leverage can be used to avoid accountability. We think otherwise. We firmly believe that no person, especially a public official, can evade the consequences of his or her actions. With this, we express our full support for the impeachment of Corona and the reform of the supreme court of the Philippines.

Corona’s removal is not an attack to the judiciary but an attack on Arroyo’s corrupt legacy. Though Arroyo’s mark of corruption can be seen in many institutions of government, the final straw that broke the camel’s back began with the appointment of Corona as a midnight chief justice to allow Arroyo to evade her crimes. Every day that Corona remains as chief justice means another day that Arroyo is triumphant over the Filipino people whom she betrayed.

Also, we cannot fathom the arrogance with which Corona has demonstrated by using the judiciary to shield him from accountability and branding himself as its defender. Our parents and families have taught us better manners. Corona is not a defender but a usurper of the judiciary. He does not deserve the sympathy of honest and credible working judges and court employees for he has neither qualities.

Our country deserves a constitutionally and legally chosen chief justice, one who is chosen for his or her character, independence, sense of honor. We will continue to call for Corona’s removal until we can get a chief justice who we can proudly call as our role model.

Convict Corona! Reform the Judiciary!


Contact Persons:

Leanne Torrato- 09494900916

National Spokesperson


Sigrid Sibug- 09157690439

Media Officer



  1. … we are all aware that CJCorona was appointed to act as a shield to GMA’s numerous transgression to the Filipino people… by taking out this shield GMA will now be vulnerable to our attacks!… go! Akbayan, Go!

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