Jail the enemies of EDSA dos!

This was the statement of the members of Akbayan Youth as they trooped to the Veterans’ Memorial Medical Center (VMMC) in commemoration of the 11th anniversary of EDSA Dos. Akbayan Youth spokesperson Leanne Torrato said Arroyo deserved “immediate jailing” for her betrayal of the values of EDSA Dos.

“Arroyo’s legacy of corruption runs counter to the principles that the youth fought for during EDSA Dos. These values, namely accountability and good governance, were repressed by her administration. The situation that she and her ilk are facing now is simply payment for what she has done,” according to Torrato.

Torrato also said that the youth who have “grown up during her term have become cynical because they have witnessed unprecedented corruption and impunity never seen since the time of  Marcos.” She argued that Arroyo’s imprisonment is the first step to show the youth that the powerful and the corrupt can be made accountable.


“Arroyo has only herself to blame for her fate. She thought that she could take the gains of EDSA Dos for her benefit without having to face the consequence. It is just fitting that eleven years after EDSA Dos, we are now making its biggest enemy account for her crimes,” Torrato added.

Corona impeachment foreshadowing of Arroyo’s fate


Torrato also expressed optimism that Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice Corona’s impeachment trial will “usher in much needed reforms in the judiciary and seal the fate of Arroyo.” She also called for the immediate conviction of Corona.


“Corona’s impeachment will not only reform the judiciary, it will also ensure accountability. This, after all, is what the youth fought for during EDSA Dos. Corona’s current impeachment trial and eventual conviction will be a foreshadowing of the fate of Arroyo, she will definitely be made to pay for her crimes,” according to Torrato.


Torrato also expressed confidence that the impeachment process will not have to take the route similar to the impeachment process of former president Joseph Estrada but “will run its course and convict Corona, but should any circumstance prevent the impeachment from continuing, then the youth will continue the struggle to make Corona, and Arroyo accountable.” ###



One thought on “Jail the enemies of EDSA dos!

  1. LOL. Jail Arroyo, ABS-CBN bosses, militant groups, activist priests, ambitious military men and makati business men for instigating EDSA 2. They are the people who cant accept the mandate of President Estrada from the people. They did not respect the will of millions of people who elected him. EDSA is not the Philippines neither Philippines is EDSA.

    These sef-serving crocodiles legitimized the Arroyo government by means of ” THE WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE IS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND” doctrine plus the accounts of the Diary of Sen Angara that Estrada resigned. The welfare of the capitalists must not be the supreme law of the land! People in Visayas and Mindanao are also Pilipino. Therefore, the people who participated in EDSA 2 should be jailed with no exception for the crime of REBELLION. If we are truly sincere in our fight for good government, then we should start prosecuting those REBELS of the government in EDSA 2.

    We should think of the millions of pilipino abroad and those who are in Visayas and Mindanao, then compare them to the people who participated EDSA 2 so we will have good assessment of number. I am willing to be jailed, although I was just a victim of propaganda, for rallying against Estrada during time. Nagamit lang ako doon sa Cebu.


    But this time, I hope there will be no more JOKE JOKER ARROYO TO BE by walking out from the impeachment court. Joker’s patented move and facial expression earned him a senate seat pero wala ding nagawa para sa mga tao kinampihan pa si Gloria.

    Corruption? Sino ba ang hindi corrupt? Pwee…

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