Love for Freedom, Equality and Solidarity (A post-Valentines Day message of Love) :)

The international protests that resound the call to challenge the 1% of the ruling powers is a testament of the growing dissatisfaction and anger of the masses against the capitalist system. Globally, the call has been answered by the multitudes that range from various sectors, nationalities, ethnicities, and etc.

While the ruling class remain deaf to the calls of the masses, we from Akbayan Youth call on our comrades to maintain their support and solidarity to the ongoing global protests against economic exploitation, racism, sexism, alienation, and environmental destruction, all due to the want of profit that is the byproduct of the capitalist system.

We are now in the era of overwhelming crises. Capitalism is the very cancer that needs to be removed for it breeds further contradictions, crisis, and catastrophes into our world. However, the question of how to remove it is not a question of medical surgery, but of global socialist strategy.

Real socialist struggles are opposite to the capitalist ideology. While capitalism is driven by the love for profit, socialism is driven by the love for freedom, equality, and solidarity. These three are the trinity of our values as we pursue and continue our global struggle.

Our love for freedom should ignite in us our revolutionary flare to challenge the system of repression that has used people and nature as mere resources to inflate capital. Our freedom as human beings are removed from us since we are turned into mere objects and tools to forward the capitalist goal.

Our love for equality should be our revolutionary spirit that drives us to adopt pluralism and to appreciate the unique heritage of the different human races that make our world diverse. Equality should be our unique lens that makes us view people of different races as human beings without the harsh prejudices of racism and sexism.

Our love for solidarity should be our arm in this international struggle and protest. Our diversity must be the muscle that gives strength to our solidarity. It is solidarity that binds us socialists together in our common human goal of replacing the capitalist system with our alternative, socialism.

But the most important value that must be highlighted in our socialist character is our unique, socialist love. A love that transcends ordinary love, a love that neither requires romantic agreement nor legal foibles. Our socialist love keeps us humanely optimistic about our aspirations and goals. Our socialist love drives us to become intellectually cynical about the faces of capitalism and its trickeries. Our socialist love keeps the struggle alive. And when the struggle is alive, only then, can we realize ourselves as socialists. For the struggle never ends, and for that, socialist love will also, never end.#


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