Justice for Marvin Reglos! End the cycle of frat-violence!

NO MORE! Death by hazing

Akbayan Youth condemns the brutal death of San Beda law freshman Marvin Reglos. We demand justice and call for an end to all hazing activities. We believe that the long history of fraternity-related violence in the country must finally be put to stop. Hazing as a form of initiation rite practiced by many fraternities and exclusive organizations has no place in a civilized and humane society. It is nothing more than plain and simple act of violence and machismo.

We call on the Philippine National Police (PNP), the Department of Justice (DOJ) for the speedy resolution of the case and the previous cases which up to now have not been resolved. We call for a more stringent implementation of the anti-hazing law. We hope that no more young person will be victimized by fraternity-related violence. We hope that no more family and friend will lose a loved one to senseless hazing and other fraternity-related violence.

From our end, as a national youth organization, we will initiate a review of the anti-hazing law and continuously monitor the progress of hazing and fraternity-related cases. We enjoin all youth organizations to engage in this process.

It is ironic that the death of Marvin Reglos comes just days after a Supreme Court decision affirming the sentences against five fraternity members for brutally hazing Ateneo Law School student Leonardo Villa leading to his death in 1991. Although the decision is a step in ending fraternity-related violence in the country, there are still many cases that have yet to see their resolution like that of Karl Intia, a University of Makati student and prospective member of Alpha Phi Omega,  whose lifeless body was found in a ravine in Laguna after a brutal hazing a day before in 2010; and Chris Mendez, a student of the University of the Philippines-Diliman, who died allegedly from heavy beating sustained during Sigma Rho fraternity hazing rites almost 5 years ago.

We urge all fraternities in the country to break the cycle and renounce any and all forms of violence. We believe that they share a huge responsibility in these deaths and must therefore also share in changing this culture of violence.

Akbayan Youth recognizes that many of our youth continue to join these organizations motivated by the need to seek acceptance, solidarity, or to simply belong to an organization that prides itself with having a rich history and tradition. However, if such is a history of senseless violence, secrecy and impunity, then it is a nothing but an organization that breeds future murderers and liars.

In ending fraternity-related violence, we seek not only the end of these brutal murders but an end to the youth’s participation in a culture of violence.


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