Students’ End of Class Assignment: Sustain the Fight for Judicial Reform

As schools approach to the closing of this academic year and on the last day of the impeachment proceedings before the Senate takes a recess, Akbayan Youth (AY) joined religious representatives and student leaders in delivering a joint statement-letter personally to Chief Justice Corona calling him to take a more cooperative and truthful stance in engaging himself in the impeachment trial. In this time of political predicament, students from various universities and colleges expressed their commitment in sustaining the fight for truth and accountability to uphold integrity and public trust in our country.

“Although the classes have already ended and the impeachment court will have a break in litigating witnesses and scrutinizing evidences, the students are committed to continuously perform their assignment for the nation – that is, sustaining the fight and intensifying the campaign for truth and accountability,” said AR Angcos, President-elect of the Philippine Normal University – Student Government and a member of Akbayan Youth.

The progressive student leaders signal the last day of class as the first day of their campaign to intensify the fight against corruption and impunity. “During our summer break, we commit for a sustained collective action to strengthen our campaign in making CJ Corona accountable to the people. This is our assignment for ourselves that we will work for, as we vow to commit ourselves in protecting our country from bad leaders,” Angcos said.

“The students, which form part of the youth sector, believe that the youth have an important role and responsibility in shaping and re-shaping the future of our country that is why we need to continually seek and fight for truth and accountability from the transgressors of our country until finally truth has come out and justice is served to our nation,” Angcos added. “Yet the fight does not end when truth has surfaced out. Reforms in the judicial body are important in order to ensure that this predicament will be avoided to occur again,” he further added.

“AY, together with its student council-members and allied organizations, remain steadfast and vigilant in advancing the fight for judicial reforms,” Ninian Sumadia, AY Campaign Officer said. Sumadia added that extracting accountability from the culprit in the Supreme Court is the first step of restoring the integrity of the highest court in the country, eventually a step towards reforming the judiciary.

Sumadia said that we need to have a credible leadership in the judicial body that will serve as a role model to young Filipinos. “We also need to bring into concrete actions the reforms that the Filipinos are calling for,” Sumadia continued.

“There is a need to reform the judicial body towards having a judiciary that upholds truth, justice and public trust, and which has moral integrity and credibility,” she added. “We call on our fellow youth and students to remain vigilant and incessantly work to seek for truth and accountability, and intensify the fight for judicial reforms,” ends Sumadia.

Colleges and universities who joined today’s letter-giving to Supreme Court are University of the Philippines – Diliman Campus, UP Manila, UP Los Banos, Ateneo de Manila University, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, University of the East, De La Salle University, Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila and Philippine Normal University.###

watch 24 Oras news coverage here: Giit ng Ilang Militante Mag-resign na si Chief Justice Corona


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