Akbayan Youth: Sen. Sotto should resign

Press Release:

17August 2012

Akbayan Youth: Sen. Sotto should resign

“In school, a student caught cheating during an exam or plagiarizing in a paper is either suspended and/or expelled,” says Akbayan Youth spokesperson JC Tejano. “Why shouldn’t be a senator?” Tejano asked referring to holding Senator Tito Sotto accountable for plagiarizing at least 5 different blogs in his turno en contra speech against the RH Bill.

photo from facebook.

Sotto’s staff has admitted to plagiarizing Sarah the Health Home Economist, a foreign blogger, after news reports broke out and Sarah noted in her blog that her work was indeed plagiarized by Sotto. Philippine Blogger Raissa Robles has also pointed out five other instances of plagiarism in Sotto’s speech.

“To young people, this would send a message that cheating and stealing is okay.” Tejano explains the implications of not having a public figure like Sotto held accountable. “Furthermore, it tarnishes the reputation of the Senate as an institution,” Tejano added.

With these grounds, Akbayan Youth calls for the filling of ethics complaint against the senator. The youth group also took the opportunity to call on voters not to support that likes of Sotto in succeeding elections.

“Ideally, we want Sen. Sotto to resign. He brings himself, the Senate and the country so much shame with his arguments against the RH Bill and now with the plagiarism issue” Tejano remarked. “But we know he wouldn’t do that, he’s been thick-skinned even with the plight of women who needs the RH bill the most.”

Senator Sotto challenged proponents of the RH Bill, including Akbayan, to provide him the list of 11 women who died annually to pregnancy and birth complications. On the other hand, Akbayan Youth has challenged Sotto to a debate, last year,  a challenge Sotto cowered in.###



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