Clip was taken from Daily Seven Newspaper

Clip was taken from Daily Seven Newspaper

Akbayan Youth stands firmly with the displaced farmers in Hse Tae Village, Sar Lin Gyi Township, Sagaing Region on their fight to halt land seizures by the military government.

More so, Akbayan Youth condemns the unwarranted use of violence by military government forces in a standoff over the last three days, where one woman farmer was shot dead and 16 others injured.

More than 17 acres of farmland in Hse Tae village have been seized by the military government in favor of the Letpadaung mine project, a joint venture project of Myanmar Wanbao Mining Copper Limited (Chinese mining company) and the military-owned Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings.

We call on the military government of Burma to stop the ongoing operation in the village and the use of excessive unnecessary force.

We urge the military government to stay true to its words – democratically engage the farmers, the people.

We enjoin the international community to put pressure on the military government to end the atrocious violence and violations of human rights in Burma.

Ultimately, let us show our support and solidarity to Burmese farmers by using black as Facebook profile picture.###


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