Building the Socialist Future

Akbayan Youth on Building the Socialist Future

Resurrecting the Specter: Against Capitalism! For Social Justice!

Through decades of vicious dominance, capitalism, along with its other faces—liberalization, deregulation, and privatization—has promised gold and honey in one hand while taking life and dignity with the other. Even the most sacred and private spheres of existence have been poisoned by its fangs; and now, bodies, sex, and even relationships have become mere commodities. This, in the shortest pronouncement, must end.

Akbayan Youth, along with different social movements, labor unions, various sectors and its mother party, Akbayan Citizens Action Party, have been working hand-in-hand to create a broad and dynamic unity that aims at ending the exploitation, alienation, and oppression brought by patriarchy and capitalism’s new form, neo-liberalism. The youth and student movement is also committed to the establishment of a just, humane, and democratic Philippine society. Building this society—the socialist future—is our perpetual task.

In its previous engagements, Akbayan Youth was able to win significant campaigns. In different lanes of struggle, may it be on the streets, in the parliament, through elections and even in international engagements, it always seeks to promote and fight for freedom and human rights, social justice and democracy, universal solidarity and political solutions. Akbayan Youth’s political programs—governance, organizing and alliance-building, campaigns and policy advocacy, and solidarity are all for its commitment to put forward its alternatives and to build a better future.

Akbayan Youth believes that the Filipino youth can greatly and significantly contribute to the working class, peasantry, women, and other marginalized and oppressed sectors in seizing political power to place the national economy on the path to an inclusive, multi-sectoral and equitable economic development. Certainly, it will only be possible if the young people are organized. However, they will only be organized if they will depart from the culture of apathy, dependence, and ignorance. This is not an easy task as this culture can only be dissolved through the process of constant struggle and education. This struggle must be led by committed young socialists whose primary role is to work towards the realization of power that is enough to crush the many manifestations of capitalism.

Akbayan Youth has always been committed to create patches to ripen the socialist struggle. Whether it be on the streets or in the constellation of our minds, the nascent desire for social change is born with a raised fist and a critical spirit.

If oppressors and exploiters seek to weaken us, we must invoke the specter that guides us all, the specter of socialism: and as we continue the socialist struggle, we shall continue on proclaiming, long live the specter!


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