Reform and Empower SK

SK REFORM Coalition

The Sangguniang Kabataa REFORM Coalition pushes for the passage of SK reform bills in Congress; while at the same time works in building the capacities and capabilities of SK officials and networks (KK, LGUs, other youth organizations, etc) to effectively perform their duties and responsibilities. The Coalition not only exists to counter the SK abolition calls but to emphasize the need to develop good governance and principled leadership among the youth.

Our Objectives

  1. fight the calls for SK Abolition
  2. enact meaningful reform measures to the Local Government Code that created the SK
  3. provide capacity and capability trainings/seminars/materials for SK and KK to effectively perform their duties and responsibilities
  4. serve as a platform, convergence point for all this unity/objectives

Who We Are

The SK REFORM Coalition secretariat and founding members are composed of the following organizations:

  1. SK officials and KK members (see complete list)
  2. Akbayan! Youth
  3. The First Time Voters Network (FTV)
  4. The Youth and Students Sector of the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC YS)
  5. The Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking (CYAN)

Our Programs

Recognizing the various aspects of catalyzing reforms in SK, we crafted a multi-pronged program approach. This program includes:

  1. identifying the problem
  2. institutionalizing and enacting SK reforms
  3. Capacity and Capability program for SKs and KKs
  4. Best Practice Documentation

vIdentifying the problem

The calls for the abolition of SK have been recurring. The best way to solve this problem is not turn a blind eye on the legitimate issues but to identify and address each of them. To do this, NAPC YS in partnership with DILG, UNICEF, NYC, SKNF, and CWC proposed a comprehensive national study on SK. This study was undergone by the PST Unit of UP CIDS.

The said study identified the following problems:

1.SK, Barangay, and LGU officials and their communities are not aware of the roles and functions of SK;

2.SKs have underperformed and were deemed insignificant, were limited in their work to ‘paliga’ or sports festivals, clean and green, and beauty contests;

3.SK officials are being used and corrupted

4.SK officials have conflict in their schedule with schooling

It was also highlighted in the study that:

1.the youth still see significance in SK and expressed willingness to participate in governance

2.the well performing SKs are the SKs which have the support of their barangay, LGU, non-governmental organizations, and other youth organizations (community, school, and church-based)

3.SKs who were informed of and trained with their duties and responsibilities were among those with best practices

Thus, the study recommended the following:

1.institutionalize or enact reform laws for the SK

2.intensify information drive on the functions of SKs, not only with the SK officials but also with the barangay and LGU officials, as well as their communities

3.reactivate the KK

4.create a support system for the SKs at the grassroots level; network them with other organizations and institutions

5.intensify and bring to the grassroots level capacity and capability training/seminars and materials

With these information in mind, the overall work that needs to be done, the issues that have to bee addressed has been identified.

vInstitutionalizing and Enacting SK Reform

Reforms, that were identified in the study, among others, can be advanced both in the legislative and executive branch of government. Because legislative reforms usually take a lot of time, other means of instituting reforms should be looked into.

One big step that has been taken was the SK study which brought together different national agencies. These national agencies and stakeholders are critical partners in institutionalizing reforms:

1.Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) particularly the National Barangay Operations Office (NBOO)

2.The National Youth Commission (NYC)

3.The Sangguniang Kabataan National Federation (SKNF)

4.The Child Welfare Council (CWC)

5.The Youth and Students Sector of the National Anti Poverty Commission (NAPC YS)

6.The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Philippines

There are continuous partnerships and brainstorming sessions in advancing ‘little’ initiatives to reform and support the SK.

On the legislative side, NAPC YS, FTV, CYAN, and Akbayan Youth, in consultation with SK officials and KK members, drafted the SK Reform and Empowerment Bill of Akbayan, HB 0956, filled by Hon. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel.This bill is the reference bill in consolidating all SK reform bills in the House of Representatives. In Senate, the Coalition is still lobbying with Senators to sponsor or support SK reform bills. The coalition, continues to engage Sen. Nene Pimentel for a reconsideration of his position for SK abolition (SB 2155).

At the local level, affiliated SKs and local federation officials are tasked to sponsor and lobby for the passage of ordinances for the support of the passage of the SK reform bill.

vCapacity and Capability training programs for SKs and KKs

As it has been identified that SK has underperformed, one of the main reasons for its abolition, capacity and capability trainings/seminars/materials are being prioritized.

The SK Guidebook, produced by DILG-NBOO, NAPC YS, UNICEF, CWC AND NYC will be distributed in the regions. Trainings and seminars will be undertaken using the said guidebook.

Another SK seminar project which incorporates the components on leadership, social networking, resource mobilization, legislative training, government and CSO/NGO partnership, will be piloted in selected cities in the country.

vSK Best Practice Documentation

The SK best practice documentation project particular addresses the lack of literature on SKs impact on governance. It is also aim to debunk pro-abolition arguments that see nothing good about SKs and their work.

How can you help?

The steps are easy and there are options for you to choose from, it just depends on how much effort you’d like to put on SK reform work.

  1. Sign the SK reform petition
  2. Join the SK Reform coalition
  3. partner with us in our projects

vSign the SK Reform Petition

·Sign the petition online

oVisit: www.onlinepetition/skreform/sign

·Write about SK Reform in your blog, in your local/school papers

oFor an example. Visit:

·Have your local councils, SK, SB, PB, sign a resolution supporting SK reform.

oFor the sample format, visit:

vJoin the Coalition

If you are an individual, SK official or KK member, or part or representative of a youth or youth oriented organization who believe that SK should not be abolished rather REFORMED, strengthened and supported, you are most welcome to join the SK REFORM Coalition.

vPartner With Us in Our Projects

1.Organize a local SK Reform Coalition in your city or province

2.Organize an SK capacity and capability seminar in your locale

a.We have the forms and the materials, you just have to help us with the local logistics

3.Report SK Best Practice

a.Tell us what you think is an outstanding work of SKs in your locale, fill out the SK best practice report form and we will come over to document it. You will help a lot in supporting your SK, you will help a lot in helping others follow the good things that your SK did.

Contact us

Do you need to know more? Do you wan the details on how you can help out?

We will be glad to hear from you or your organization.

üThe Secretariat:

Marlon Cornelio,

Coordinator, SK REFORM Coalition

c/o Basic Sector Unit

National Anti Poverty Commission


Contact nos: (02) 4265195; 09184608956


37 thoughts on “Reform and Empower SK

  1. I am the Federation Vice-President of Pag-Asa Youth Ass’n. Las Piñas Chapter, and some of are members are also an SK…….I am wiling to support your campaign and i will talk are SK’s……..I thought that we need to reform the Sk not to abolish..

  2. i am an SK chairwoman in sjdm, bulacan, and im conducting a study now about sk abolition, can you refer me some possible sources that i can use to defend my stand that, sk needs reformation, not abolition……thanks!

  3. I am a Sk Kagawad wanted to have brochures regarding Sk Duties and responsibilities and any material that would enhance our capabilities in making Brgy. SK resolutions. I am hoping that this can be mailed to me the soonest possible time my address is 109 Sunrise Village UEP Zone 1 , University of Eastern Philippines, University Town, Catarman Northern Samar, Philippines, 6400.
    Thank you very much and more power .

    Respectfully yours,
    Larisse B. Gajutos
    SK Kagawad UEP Zone 1

  4. I am a newly elected SK Chairman, here in Dasma. Cavite..Can u pls help me in enhancing my capabilities in making SK resolutions? Pls do e-mail me an example of those. I also wanted to support AKBAYAN YOUTH, how can I support you in anyway? Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  5. Hi! My Term paper is regarding SK abolition. to be more precise, it is about the case of SK abolition in my area – the stand of the majority of the people in my area and whether or not it’s better of without SK. would it be okay if i send you guys a lot of emails? you guys are perfect for my reaserch and your opinions matter so much.

  6. i am former sk chairman.i strongly believe in reforming the sk rather than to abolish it.I gained a lot of learnings and experience becoz of being a sk.I hope this bill will be approved by the senate & our dear President so that on the next election,there will be less problems.ika ilan reading na pu ba ito sa congress??Furthermore, I agree na taasan ang age range ng sk 18-21 para mas matured sila kc kpg 15-17 hindi sila socially conscious.I hope my pagkktaon pa aqng mging sk dahil sa bill na ito bcoz i have a lot of plans for my barangay and to my town.I want to join your coalition but tga bicol po aq…

  7. Hi, I’m a newly elected SK Chairman, and i wanted a thorough training and seminars for myself and my Council, how can we possibly be trained here in Iloilo and how can we purchase those handouts specially made for us as our training tools in performing our job well.Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon..

  8. I hope not to abolish the Sanguniang Kabataan. It is one way that we can practice our rights. That we need to protect it against wrong political understanding. We need to be bind ourselves, most especially the SK Kagawad of our own.

    • Anyway I am SK Councilor Arjay Guia here in Malabanban Norte, Candelaria, Quezon.
      I need your help regarding with these issue. Based on my observation regarding with the system of SK Councils here in the barangay, our right as an SK Kagawad are too little that having a meeting/session based on our projects are being controlled by the SK Chairman, meaning to say, our SK Chairman is only up to his honorarium. Sorry if I am passing him but this is the fact that having an SK cause corruption, that for every meeting held there is the what I feel the feeling of unsatisfaction. Unsatisfaction means that I\We the SK Councilors are not satisfy about the held agenda by our SK Chairman. We will sit in the position for three years but until now our projects are always postponed because our SK Chairman is not passing to us the Action Plan that is supposed to be already finish now. Imagine four months he consumed making that and now it is again unfinished, how about us?? . Because of this we can’t hold projects. What rights can we practice for this issue?? Can you help us about it???
      We need your help? May we received reform program for it?

      • first, the easy and hard way would be to talk sincerely with your sk chair. let us assume that we are all for the good of our youth constituents. let us agree to disagree but let not the disagreements affect our duties and responsibilities.
        if this does not work, and if the chair is really not functioning, review the sk consti, there’s a provision for removing an erring official.
        visit the sk reform coalition site for more on this @

  9. i’m julie pille, im working with my research about the participation of sk in implementation of pnp crime prevention. sana mtulungan nyo ko… hehehe… anu anu b ung programs n ginagawa ng sk pra sa crime prevention? are you familiar with CRIME PREVENTION WEEK??

  10. YES: for the betterment of the SK’s, it must be reformed not to be abolished. It is not the reason why many youth engaging this because of some benefits it take but to enhance the motivation and skills of the SK’s as they were trying to be better than what other officials done.

  11. Can you please give me an example on how to make an ordinance of SK to be submitted in our barangay? We just need it as soon as possible!

  12. hi. im the vice president of the sk federation of the municipality of bauang la union. yah ryt we ned reform! not abolition.! thw whole fedeartion of bauang support ur program!

    • thank you jovan! we’re glad that you’re office is also supporting this advocacy. we are condcuting SK Reform forum and ISKOLAR-BOS for SK officers. if you’re interested to have it in your place, please don’t hesitate to tell us. thanks! 🙂

  13. hello, meron po ba kayong mga saved na newspaper about SK? mga research papers po, anything about SK, kht history, etc. tnx. need lang po

  14. Nabasa ko lang yung ISKOLAR-BOS sa isa sa mga comments.. ISKOLAR-BOS was sooo cool :)) I’m Katrina Abrenica, SK Chairman. Well I agree dun sa mga nabasa ko na hindi kailangan maabolish ang SK kasi it’s our way to practice our rights na sabihin din yung mga hinaing namin about our barangay..Sana marami po kayong matulungan na mga kabataan na hindi kayang ipaglaban ang kanilang karapatan. I mean, marami sa amin ang madaling matakot sa mga nakataas sa amin.. Yun lang po. GODBLESS!!

  15. GO SK :))

    aim high and hit the mark,DON’t mind the criticism instead be OPTIMISTIC! LOVE YOUR JOB, LOVE the youth and SERVE with dignity . the SK of bauang says “WE ARE THE SOLUTION,NOT THE PROBLEM :))

    aira jane sk of bauang la union ! 😀

  16. I agree with SK Reformation. Having SK is our way of practicing our own rights. Hindi pwedeng lagi lang tayong Yes or No sa government. After all, we have our own minds. They just need to trust our decisions. Well, SK Reformation is actually my topic for my major speech this sem. Hope it will go well. I’m hoping to do a good job para ma-persuade ko ung iba kong classmates that were on the side of abolition. By the way, I’m an SK Chairman in San Juan, Batangas. This article really helps me. I’m open for your thoughts so it could help me too. Thanks. More power to us, youth!

  17. i am an sk chairman from Nahulid, Libagon, Southern Leyte…i am supporting the sk reform bill as well as fighting for the approval on review in the Sangguniang Bayan in our municipality of my almost a year pending authored Barangay Ordinance 2011-02 of our barangay (KK Rules and Regulation of Barangay Nahulid)…this provides for the issuance of certificate of member in good standing for the kk members prior to the issuance of Barangay Clearances…ngunit hindi pa ito ini-review ng Sangguniang bayan dahil mali raw, wala naman silang binigay sa amin na legal basis why it is inconsistent….we, the youth in my barangay is asking any help you can give…thanks in advance..and how can i join the akbayan youth??

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